Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten More Reasons to Love Chocolate

We have previously outlined 10 Reasons to Love Chocolate. Well here are ten more!

10. There is an endless supply of it!

If you run out of chocolate all you need to do is go to your nearest shop to buy some more. If your nearest shop is not easy to get to you can always order your next fix of chocolate online and have it delivered straight to your work or home address.

9. Whatever your mood chocolate suits the occasion!

It doesn't matter if you are celebrating Christmas, relaxing in front of the TV or mourning the break up of a relationship, chocolate is perfect for the occasion.

8. It is an addiction you won't get arrested for!

Chocolate can be addictive as it contains stimulant substances like caffeine, theobromine and methylxantinesand and in some people it actually works like a drug. Making them feel happier and more relaxed. Unlike other addictions however chocolate is unlikely to get you arrested. So you can possess or consume several pounds of it with the fear of being sent to jail.

7. Chocolate is good for you!

Well dark chocolate is anyway. Recent studies suggest that chocolate, and especially dark chocolate, contains chemicals that lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. Flavanoids and antioxidants in dark chocolate have been shown to make a discernible difference in cardiovascular health. Until recently, tea was considered the main source for these chemicals. But now, scientists recommend that you have a chocolate cookie or biscuit with black tea so your body gets more of those life-lengthening chemicals.

6. You can base your holidays around it!

There are several countries around the world that make a fantastic chocolate holiday destination. You might not have necessarily thought of it amongst their other tourist attractions but a trip to New York, Paris, St Lucia or Brussels can include a taste and exploration of some of the best chocolate in the world.

5. It makes a great gift!

Everybody loves chocolate so if you're ever unsure of what to get someone for their birthday, Christmas, retirement, graduation or any celebration or occasion at all, a chocolate gift box is bound to be well received.

4. Chocolate is cheaper than Prozac!

Let's face it we all know chocolate improves our mood. And I know what I would rather have prescribed to me.

3. You can take it anywhere you go!

It doesn't matter where you go - on a flight, on the commute to work, to the cinema, park, beach or on an errand - you can take a chocolate with you to any destination. The same can't be said for other things you cherish. (Try taking your cat/dog to the cinema or your favourite Slipknot CD to work).

2. You can get paid to eat chocolate!

Most chocolate companies employ tasters to monitor the quality of their produce. Generally these tasters possess no formal qualifications in chocolate production but they do have an acute sense of taste and smell. If this is you then a dream job like this one at Green and Black's awaits. Who wouldn't want to make a living eating something they love!

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