Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Six Tips For Choosing The Best Slimming Tea

For many of us the New Year means weight loss resolutions, which is why the best slimming tea might be an important aid to your weight loss plans.

Let me explain why tea is a good choice to help you lose weight and which ones are the best.

1. Drink your tea pure

First of all, how you actually drink it is important. In Britain, for example, many people add milk, if not milk and sugar to their favorite cuppa. You will not be able to lose weight this way. You need to take your tea pure - whatever sort you prefer. You just need the leaves and hot/boiling water. That's it. If you prefer to drink it cold then let it cool and add ice. I tend to put the cooled down contents of the teapot in a glass jug and leave it in the refrigerator so I can simply pour when I need it. You can add lemon or maybe a slice of orange, but that's it.

2. Sip it slowly

Sipping your tea throughout the day is also a good idea. Much better than consuming it in gulps. To encourage this, use small cups instead of a large mug. In fact drinking small cups throughout the day may help you feel fuller and can be an aid to digestion if drunk during meal times. If you do this, there will not be any need for you to resort to unhealthy drinks which are usually laden with unwanted calories and this includes alcoholic beverages.

3. Drink Water Too

If you choose black, green or Oolong/WuLong, these come from the tea plant and contain caffeine so you should consider this. Although caffeine found here is better absorbed by the body than coffee, it would be a good suggestion to also drink lots of water. For example, it is often a custom in some other countries to serve coffee with a glass of water due to coffee actually taking fluid from our bodies. Unfortunately this isn't the case in North America. Herbal teas, for example, do not contain caffeine so they are not only good for us but do not have a dehydrating effect.

A healthy way to lose weight is to hydrate our bodies and help our organs (particularly the liver) process the foods and drink we consume on a daily basis. Drinking lots of water and herbal teas can do this. If we are overweight, our cells are literally clogged with fat and this needs to be 'washed out'. This drink can help with this process and get the fat moving from our bodies.

4. The Weight Loss Benefits Of Green, WuLong or Oolong

There are many green tea weight loss products on the market, but also Wu Long, also called Oolong. as it has now been discovered that they have weight loss benefits too.

There are also many slimming tea products on the market. You can do some research online to find out which is the best slimming one for you. These teas are often blends therefore having more than one sort blended together.

5. The Herbal Weight Loss Wonders

Certain herbal teas have also been known to have weight loss properties. Chamomile is not only good for you but helps your digestion to function better. Another bonus if you want to lose weight. Peppermint also aids digestion and is a very refreshing tea.

6. Mix It Up

It's a good plan to use several teas and not stick with just one. So stock up on a good green, Oolong and some herbal teas and then use them interchangeably. One afternoon you might want that cup of Oolong and Peppermint in the evening, for example.


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