Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Coffee Is So Good for Drinking And Healthy?

What's the one thing that helps most of us get through the first part of our day without looking like complete zombies; the thing that gives us that push we require every morning? Yes, that dispenser of energy, made from the second best brown-colored beans in the world - the best being chocolate beans of course - coffee! What's better is that some brands and coffee shops have even started giving out gift cards, to make purchasing coffee easier, faster and more convenient, leading to an even better start to the day.

Coffee contains several compounds that affect the chemistry of the human body. One of these compounds is the drug Caffeine, and it is known to act as a stimulant. This is the drug that awakens you and gives you the push in the morning after having coffee. There are other substances too, some of them currently unknown, that produce important hormones like adrenaline and cortisone. Some people prefer having decaffeinated coffee, also known as decaf. Decaf has no stimulants and the drinker drinks it just to enjoy the flavor of coffee. Apart from merely being an energy-boosting drink, coffee has some great health benefits too.

Cancer Protection. Earlier, coffee was linked to one of the causes of cancer, but recent research showed that coffee actually helps prevent cancer. Caffeic acid and Chlorogenic acid are two substances found in coffee that help fight cancer, since both nutrients possess anti-cancer properties.

Heart Disease Protection. Atherosclerosis is a condition in which hard plaques are formed around the walls of the arteries, which may prevent blood from getting to the heart. Coffee helps protect the heart as Caffeic acid helps prevent the chance of Atherosclerosis. The same acid also helps lower the levels of low density lipoprotein in the blood.

Diabetes Protection. Another effect of Caffeic acid is that it helps reduce the levels of glucose in the blood. At the same time, Chlorogenic acid subdues the release of stored glucose from the liver. Hence, keeping blood glucose levels low, coffee helps prevent Diabetes.

Improved Weight Loss.One of the body's ways of burning extra calories is Thermogenesis. Studies have shown that coffee has the tendency to significantly increase this process. In this way, coffee contributes to weight loss. However, if taken with extra sugar and cream, you will only be gaining extra calories.

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