Saturday, December 31, 2011

Custom Chocolate Candies Ideas For Wedding

It was just last year when I found out that M&M's actually have this kind of gimmick wherein you could customize or personalize each M&M candy. They have a separate website for it aside from their main M&M's website and there, you could play around with your M&M's candy and customize it to whatever you want it to look like. It's actually perfect for every occasion since candies are applicable to be given away in any occasion. If you visit their site, you could actually think of giving it away as a birthday gift, graduation gift, anniversary treat, giveaways for businesses, weddings or even just a snack for yourself.

As a wedding favor, I think this is actually perfect because this is something that the guests on your wedding could enjoy as they celebrate your marital bliss with you. Unlike giving away non - consumable favors, your guests would just end up stuffing it away when they get home from your wedding. Personalize M&M's for your wedding favor and match it with the color motif of your wedding. For a much more romantic factor, you can also have pictures and phrases printed on each candy. Expect your guests to be smiling when they see your custom M&M's wedding favor because they would end up looking and checking out each candy before they put it in their mouth. This way, your wedding won't come out to be boring and people would actually think that you guys are a cool couple for coming up with this kind of idea.

The custom M&M's site also offer packaging so that it's ready to be given away although it comes for an extra price. If you are on a tight budget, I suggest you order the bulk packaging that is suitable to the number of guests your having and pack it yourself. That way you can choose a cheaper packaging and control the amount of candies placed in each container. If you're artistic, you could even design your own wedding favor package and it will save you some bucks.

Wedding preparation is really stressful. As much as stress is concerned, choosing to have custom M&M's as your wedding favor would be the least stressful. You just have to go to their website, choose the color and design you want then have it shipped right to your doorstep. You also wouldn't have to worry about the candies melting because they ship it on a special packaging that would prevent it from melting. So if you want your guests to have fun in your wedding, the perfect wedding favor would be custom M&M's.

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